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Friday, 9 November
7.00 PM Sigitas Parulskis
In conversation with Mindaugas Nastaravičius
Arts Printing House, Black Hall, Vilnius

Sigitas Parulskis
“I get up in the morning and ponder how to get through the day without bringing too much pain onto myself and onto others. This is precisely my theory of purpose. In order to avoid back pain, I do stretching exercises. To avoid memory pain, I write,” noted writer Sigitas Parulskis in an interview.

Sigitas Parulskis, a poet, writer, playwright, and translator, is known for his frankness and sharp social criticism. He is one of the most prolific contemporary Lithuanian writers, having published eight poetry books, seven essay collections and six novels. He has also translated over a dozen books from Russian and English and written several plays that were produced in Lithuanian theatres. The author’s texts regularly appear in periodicals.

Parulskis has received quite a few prestigious literary awards, including Kristoforo statulėlė for the best theatre debut as a young artist. In 2004 he was awarded the Lithuanian National Prize for Culture and Arts. The list of his international awards includes the following: Der Stiftung Preussishe Seehandlung (2009, LCB (Berlin); Bank Austria Literaris (2009, Kulturkontakt, Vienna); H.C. Artmann stipendium (2010, Salzburg).

Sigitas Parulskis’ works have been translated into Latvian, Italian, English, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Polish, French, Greek, and other languages. He is a frequent guest at international festivals and book fairs. He lives in Vilnius and is his own boss. He claims that he has never written out of spite and that for him the book represents the model of the world and writing is the act of creation.

Sigitas Parulskis will be interviewed by Mindaugas Nastavičius, a poet, playwright, journalist, and co-author of the project called “100 Lithuanias”. He is a sensitive and captivating “interrogator” who is able to shed light on the multifaceted personality of his interviewee.

The meeting with Sigitas Parulskis will mark the start of the third International Literary Festival Vilnius Pages.






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