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Sunday, 11 November
7.00 PM Antanas A. Jonynas
In conversation with Rolandas Rastauskas
Arts Printing House, Black Hall

Antanas A. Jonynas
Antanas A. Jonynas, a guest of the International Literary Festival Vilnius Pages, is a poet who represents urban culture, speaks of love and autumn, is sometimes called “the last lyric poet” and characterised as the most musical Lithuanian poet. He has been granted a number of awards for his literary effort, the Lithuanian National Literature and Art Prize among them. Jonynas’ literary output since 1977 is twenty collections of poems, thirteen translations of various genre books, for example, Goethe’s Faust, while his poetry has been translated into dozens of foreign languages.

“A poem expresses what cannot be expressed in any other form; poetry is something that will disappear with even a single change of word order in a line. It doesn’t affect mind, nor even feelings or intuition, but it does make an effect as some particular, individual, poetic comprehension,” said Antanas A. Jonynas in one of his interviews.

Antanas A. Jonynas will be joined on the stage by his artistic colleague Rolandas Rastauskas who is known by his pen name RoOa. RoRa is a poet, essayist, playwright, translator, participant of a lot of international cultural projects and conferences, winner of the Lithuanian National Literature and Art Prize capable of creating an exceptionally forceful event.

When these two artists meet on the stage, we will witness one of the most magnificent events of this year’s International Literary Festival Vilnius Pages.






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