November 10
6:30 Evening with Marius Ivaškevičius

Marius Ivaškevičius in conversation with Rytis Zemkauskas, Rolandas Kazlas and Remigijus Vilkaitis
LNDT Big Hall

Marius Ivaškevičius is a prominent writer of many talents. He is a top national and international award winning novelist, short story writer, playwright, script writer, theatre and film director, and essayist. He occupies the difficult yet respected position of an uncomfortable truthsayer and demonstrates an exceptional talent for putting that truth in an original creative form that catches the admirers of his work like a magical net. He has a rare capacity to bring the tragic and the comic together never missing out on the serious and revealing the painful.

Ivaškevičius constructs multi-layered works that are daringly provocative and speak to multiple audiences at home and abroad. Two of his plays, “Madagascar” and “Expulsion”, have been staged in Lithuania with much success; his writings have been abundantly awarded; and his public stance has not gone unnoticed.Ivaškevičius boasts a vast range of awards: The Most Creative Book of the Year Prize awarded by The Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Culture; the finalist diploma of the National Drama Theatre Competition, the Ministry for Culture Award for the Best Play Staged in Lithuania, Best Short Film and Script Awards, The Best Staged National Play Award, the “Golden Stage Globe”, a nomination for the “Golden Mask Award”; Medals for the Best Play, “Merits to Lithuania“, Special news portal “Delfi” award “Titan” for most remarkable texts, and the Sugihara Fund Award “Tolerance Person of the Year.







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