November 11
6:30 Vakaras su Herbjørg Wassmo (Norvegija)

Herbjørg Wassmo (Norvegija) in conversation with Eglė Kačkutė.
LNDT Big Hall

Herbjorg Wassmo (b. 1942) is a Norwegian literary celebrity. Her books sell thousands of copies and she is veneered by her readers who flock to her readings and book launches. She has been awarded many prizes, including The Nordic Council Literature Prize.

Wassmo is said to have eliminated the distinction between elitist and popular fiction. The fact that the first part of the trilogy “Dina‘s Book” was the bestselling novel of the eighties is proves it well.\r\n\r\nReaders particularly appreciate Wassmo‘s choice to explore emotionally weighty subjects, which has a therapeutic and liberating effect, gives hope and opens up new horizons. “In order to preserve the idyll, we are forced to keep things under a fake cover. In order to live together, we need to negotiate things, find compromises and evoke most horrible secrets,” she once said.

The popularity of Wassmo’s vivid stories go beyond literature lovers. “Dina” (2002), an impressive film adaptation of “Dina’s Book” has seen phenomenal success.







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