November 12
6:30 Evenings with Aidas Marčėnas
Poetry Evening with the presence of the poet Aidas Marčėnas, poet and musician Domantas Razauskas, and multi instrumentalist Saulius Petreikis. Presented by the poet Mindaugas Nastaravičius.
LNDT Big Hall

Aidas Marčėnas is a living classical Lithuanian poet. His poetry is taught at schools as well as studied and researched at universities. His every book is keenly anticipated by the readers and routinely shortlisted for prizes. A respected teacher, critic and popular interlocutor, he has many young poet followers.

Marčėnas is also an impressive and authentic performer. To him, the difference between prose writers and poets lies in that the former conjure up worlds, whereas the latter are themselves shaped by the world. He enjoys a special relationship with language, believing that poets are guarantors of the vitality of language. To quote Marčėnas, „Poets are only good for cleansing communal language and collective brains.“ Marčėnas‘ poetry and non-fiction exude that cleansing quality, even when he adopts a humorous tone.

Marčėnas has been awarded numerous awards, most importantly, the Lithuanian National Prize.

His poetry reading accompanied by the poet and musician Domantas Razauskas and multi-instrumentalist Saulius Petreikis will demonstrate how poetry can come about in a unique confluence of talent.





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